About Luna Organic Skincare

About Luna Organic Skincare

We’re a sustainable beauty brand born out of founder Sam Davies’ quest for soothing skincare products to ease her eczema and deliver exceptional skincare results for her clients.  Standard skincare products irritated her skin, at the time high performance organic professional products were scarce, but on a journey to Morocco she discovered the most treasured beauty elixir in all the land, organic argan oil.

Luna Organic Skincare evolved from there and now offers a complete all-natural beauty range committed to keeping your skin healthy and restored.

Beauty NightCap

Beauty NightCap

Beauty sleep in a bottle

This organic facial oil is formulated to restore and rejuvenate your skin as you sleep. It’s a potent blend of 9 100% organic botanical oils that work together to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and balance your skin. Plus, it’s enriched with Reiki, offering a spiritual touch that works to clear energy blockages and centre your soul.

Sustainable luxury

Sustainable luxury

Shop your complete skincare routine

Bring the salon experience home with our simple yet luxurious ethical beauty line. With every element you need for a complete and sustainable skincare routine, Luna Organic Skincare goes by a less is more approach to support your skin and the planet.

Do you think Cleansing oil Clogs Pores & is Best suited to Dry Skin?

For dry skin still do not use your Frylight! Coconut oil although much loved in the skincare world is a comedogenic oil with a high comedogenic rating (making it pore clogging) even drier skin types cannot always tolerate it. A comedogenic oil may cause clogged pores, milia, comedones and p…










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