Do you think Cleansing oil Clogs Pores & is Best suited to Dry Skin?

Well if you were to use any old cooking oil you had in your kitchen cupboard or a comedogenic natural or organic oil such as coconut oil, the answer would be Yes to causing clogged pores and pimples.

For dry skin still do not use your Frylight!

Coconut oil although much loved in the skincare world is a comedogenic oil with a high comedogenic rating (making it pore clogging) even drier skin types cannot always tolerate it.

A comedogenic oil may cause clogged pores, milia, comedones and pimples.

However there are some super, skin perfecting non-comedogenic oils such as Argan oil a key ingredient in our CleanSkin cleansing oil and skincare products.


Argan oil has a high level of Vitamin-e, Linoleic and Oleic acid, known as “Liquid Gold” this magic oil is suitable for all skin types with an extremely low comedogenic rating.


It can treat acne with it’s sebum regulating benefits and scar healing properties, balance oily/combination skin by preventing breakouts. A nourishing oil for normal and dry/dehyrated skin with excellent antioxidant properties of plant sterols to fight free radical damage, full of anti-aging qualities for skin concerns relating to fine lines or damage.


Before cleansing oils became a thing, I was always a gel or foam cleansing girl but since I have formulated and used our Luna organic cleansing oil, I will never go back. My skin doesn’t feels tight after cleansing, my mascara is removed without any irritation to my eyes and my skin feels clean yet smooth and balanced.


When formulating our skincare we research how the organic oils are sourced, the skin benefits, comedogenic level and synergy of the ingredients.


With a ‘Less is More’ approach to our skincare formulations, we choose plant extracts that work in harmony to care for your skin. This also applies to our skincare range we keep things simple and effective to suit busy lives.

Our ‘3in1’ facial cleansing oil and cloth contains 9 natural and organic non-comedogenic oils, for clean skin results that cleanse the skin without stripping your natural oils, protecting the acid mantle.

1.)Removes make-up 2.)Removes mascara 3.)Cleanses the skin.

It is important to use lukewarm water and a facial cloth to remove your cleansing oil, this aids the removal of grime and make-up leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean.

I personally have never been a fan of removing cleanser with tissue or cotton pads and don’t mention facial wipes! In all my career as a Spa/Beauty therapist and Holistic Facialist I have always used warm water when cleansing. It is important the water is not cold or hot so as not to cause any broken capillaries or skin sensitivity.

There are many factors that contribute to healthy skin, if you are using a well formulated organic skincare product but are not following a balanced lifestyle to compliment your skincare routine your skin can suffer.

I hope this post has been helpful and busted those cleansing oil questions you may have been concerned about.

Leave the cooking oil in the kitchen!

Much LUNA Love Sam xxx










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