The menopause and perimenopause can cause significant changes to the skin and stressful imbalances to the body as the reproductive hormones start to take a dive. According to guidance from the NHS once a woman has not had a period for 12 months you are officially classed as having reached the menopause. The menopause usually occurs between the mid forties and fifties often over a period of 10+ years as oestrogen levels decline the menstrual cycle gradually ends. This natural part of life can feel a million miles away from natural, possibly one of the most testing times for a woman as symptoms play havoc with the body. A woman’s wellbeing is affected dramatically including mood, sleep, energy levels, sex drive, memory, hair, nails and skin.

The perimenopause stage is the beginning with changes starting to happen to the body, this can start as early as the thirties and last for 10+ years. Many women are unaware they are in a perimenopausal phase but will notice changes to they’re skin, energy levels, menstrual cycle and the challenging “brain fog” a common symptom that I feel is often shrugged off!

I myself started to feel perimenopausal symptoms around age 41, my hair started feeling thinner, weight increased, PMT symptoms became stronger, it got to the point I had to drag myself out of bed on that week every month of which I dreaded. Brain fog got thick and energy levels took a nosedive, my skin became the driest I have ever known it. Thank fully I have managed to balance and replenish my skin with plant powered skincare and found that a cleansing oil works really well rather than a soap or gel. Night-time facial oil is a must! I have noticed when I miss it or run out my skin becomes drier. Having tried and tested many oils, creams and formulas, my skin is at it’s most balanced when the oils are pure, non-comedogenic or synthetic. My skin is sensitive and will react to harsh ingredients therefore artificial fragrance is also a No-No, a simple routine with good quality organic oils I have found works best. The skincare formulas I create work to balance the skin, replenish, nourish and are simple to use. For me I needed one product to remove my make-up, mascara and cleanse, while also not stripping my already dry perimenopausal skin, Clean Skin cleansing oil is all of that.


Menopausal Wellness Tips

Diet – Eat a balanced healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruit and healthy fats, organic wherever possible. Avoid processed food, high-caffeine and refined sugar.

Exercise – To reduce stress levels, cortisol and release tension get moving. If your new to exercise start by walking, increase your steps week by week. There are many options from yoga, swimming, weight lifting, spin classes, running to name a few. Find your thing and commit to it you will feel so much better. Think of it as “Me Time” do not feel guilty remember ‘Nothing will work unless you do’

Mind – The mind is so powerful it can be your greatest or worst allie, with the mind and mood playing tricks during perimenopause/menopause now is the time to pay it a little attention. Self confidence, self esteem and self love all come from the mind. Meditate in the morning or evening whichever works best for you there are many mediation apps and lots online from 5-60 minutes if you are new to meditation do a quick 5 minute mediation to start your day. Affirmations are also powerful mind tools choose an empowering affirmation each week and say it to yourself every day such as; “I am healthy, I am beautiful, I am successful, I am confident, I am strong, I am kind, I am worthy of blessings, I am grateful, I love me, I love my body, I embrace change”










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