Achieve Wellness in Your Day to Day Life

As a Wellness Brand we understand how important wellbeing is for your Mind, Body & Soul.

We also understand how hard it is to incorporate into your day to day life. Let’s start by delving into the meaning of wellness, what is wellness?

“the state of being in good physical & mental health”

There are many elements of wellness, our mind is affected by the social and intellectual, our body by the environmental and physical, our soul by the emotional and spiritual.

When you break it down it becomes easier to include practices that can help each wellness element of your life.

All of these elements come with many challenges that can often feel extremely overwhelming, this is especially relevant to the current pandemic of Covid-19 and Racial injustice of Black lives. Both have caused me to experience much upset even though my family are thankfully safe and well. I personally have not suffered racial injustice however my relatives and ancestors have. I am sure I speak for many here, even if you have not been affected directly by either, witnessing the sickness, pain and trauma of others, along with the deeply inhumane actions of some in this world is deeply upsetting.

Although they are both out of our control, there are ways in which we can manage the effects they have on our wellbeing.

Listening to podcasts is a good way to switch your mind off and educate yourself, one

I found really helpful recently was the ‘Savvy Start-up’ by Irene Moore which can be found online Spotify/apple, along with day to day wellness practices, this has helped me navigate these challenging times.

Spiritual and physical methods are some of the way’s I bring wellness into my daily life to release the upset and anxiety, this includes smudging, reiki, crystals, yoga and exercise.

It can be a quick 5 min energy cleanse with a smudge stick or crystal charge in the palm of your hand, an hour+ long yoga flow or reiki healing.

You do not have to be a reiki master, crystal healer, wacky-woowoo seeker or yogi to benefit from some of these practices.

Smudging is an ancient Native American ritual that cleanses negative energies or bad feelings by burning white sage to disperse and clear them. It also has some bug busting properties, researchers found “smudging” removes 94% of bacteria in the air.

Crystals contain a solid energy born from Mother Earth, they are unique within nature as their atoms follow the most symmetrical pattern possible, this is called a crystal lattice making them powerful holders and transmitters of energy and vibration.

When choosing a crystal the best way is to use your intuition, go with the crystal that you are drawn to, not necessarily because of it’s colour but the one which your inner self is guided towards. Hold the crystal, connect with it and ask what you would like help with, set your intention then keep it with you or hold it whenever needed.

Further information can be found in various books, I have shared knowledge from my Crystal Healing Diploma and a book I own called ‘Crystals by Villa Van Doren’

Yoga is transformative for the body, mind & soul, deep belly breathing used in yoga oxygenates the organs and cells of the body.

Most of us do not breathe deep enough or barely breathe past our solar plexus which is one of the reasons I love yoga.

Tension melts and your body is revitalised when you practice a breathing exercise, if yoga isn’t your thing, there are short breathing exercises available online and helpful meditation exercises that focus on breath work. If you would like to try yoga there are some fantastic instructors which are offering online classes and Free Live sessions, here are some of my favourites:

There are many styles of yoga, you may need to try a few until you find your flow.

Physical activity is a must for wellness we all know how important exercise is for our wellbeing and health, the key to it is to find something that you enjoy whether that be a walk, bike ride, swimming, weight lifting, golf, running, surfing the list is endless…………

Food is vital for our body wellness, as is everything we put in and on our body, this includes supplements and skincare. It was due to ill health and life imbalance that I began eating organic food many moons ago, if you cannot source organic fruit or vegetables, soak them in water with Himalayan pink salt and bicarbonate soda to draw out the harmful pesticides.

My organic journey lead to creating an organic vegan professional skincare range, at the time I could not find a professional brand with luxurious plant ingredients for our salon treatments.

Mind Wellness – Social & Intellectual – Society/Home/Work/Education.

Body Wellness – Physical & Environmental – Food/Supplements/Exercise/Self-care.

Soul Wellness – Emotional & Spiritual – Family/Friends/Religion/Spirituality.

I have learnt just as life is a journey so is wellness it is not a destination you arrive at then that’s it you’re done!

Wellness is very much like the cycle of life, ever changing and evolving, such are our wellness needs and the wellness options available.

Your wellness needs will be different at various times in your life but if you can implement daily practices to nurture each wellness element, you’re being will feel whole, happy and healthy.

Wellness is at the root of everything we do at LUNA; our beauty treatments, wellness therapies, products we use and ingredients we choose for our own skincare formulations, all have the wellbeing of our client and customer in mind.

I hope this post helps you to find some day to day wellness in your life.

We are looking forward to re-opening our salon soon for all of your beauty, nail, skin and wellness therapy needs.

In the meantime if you need organic skincare or some wellness tools our online shop is open and if you need distant reiki healing sent to you or someone to reach out to for a chat our D/M’s are always open.

Sending Much LUNA Love & Wellness Sam x










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