The Love stone, a mineral vibration of unconditional love and emotional healing. Just as we humans have our own frequency, an energy field known as the ‘Aura’ a crystal has an aura/energy field known as a crystal lattice. The perfect atomic symmetry of a crystal makes them a powerful holder and transmitter of energy.

All objects are surrounded by it’s own vibrating energy sphere, however crystals are unique with the lattice pattern they hold. They are magical to look at and can be incredibly healing when choosing the right crystal for your needs.

Beneath our feet, within our beloved Mother Earth are expansive quantities of minerals and crystals, the laptop you tap and mobile you swipe contain numerous precious minerals and crystals, we are not talking just any woo-woo materials, without them we wouldn’t have modern technology.

The material world we live in can deplete our energy, lowering our vibration leading to feeling drained and/or unbalanced. Our skin is also affected by the blue light from our high tech screens and hectic living leaving the skin depleted, dull and lacking in lustre.

This is why we use our award winning rose quartz crystal facial tools, for targeted facial and under-eye massage. Using a facial roller and/or gua sha stone stimulates healthy blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which in turn brings down under-eye puffiness and dark circles. The skin is smoothed and sculpted to bring a natural glow with the added benefits of calming, compassionate vibes of love from the rose quartz frequencies.

Rose quartz can fill your heart with kindness, the Venus crystal, goddess of love and beauty. Don’t be fooled into thinking the energy is pink and fluffy, it is solid, grounded and incredibly healing, opening hearts to forgive and mending those that are broken.

The key to Love is to Love yourself, this is the most important lover of all, it is only when we fully love ourselves we can truly love another. This means loving all of you, your skin, your body your mind and soul, with a little help from the most nurturing crystal of all.

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