About Us

Luna Skincare was founded in 2011 by Samantha Davies, a highly experienced beauty therapist who has been working in the industry for over 20 years.  As with all good stories, Luna Skincare has followed a whirlwind, starting with an inspirational trip to Morocco.  On a trekking expedition in the Atlas mountains, Sam who follows a holistic, wellbeing lifestyle, discovered the benefits of argan oil.

Argan oil is renowned for it's use in haircare, however the liquid gold oil has tremendous effects on the skin.  Packed with antioxidants, vitamin E, linoleic acids and essential omega fatty acids, Sam found the nourishing super oil treats all skin types with many skin complaints, including her own skin sensitivities of eczema and dryness.  Once Sam had experienced the beneficial skincare effects of argan oil Sam couldn't wait to introduce it to her loyal clients in the salon.  After applying argan oil in her signature salon treatments Luna Organic Facial and Luna Argan Body Massage, receiving positive acclamations from her clients Sam began to explore how she could use this blend of argan oil in developing a line of high performance skincare products.  In search of organic, vegan, professional skincare that was luxurious and effective with ethical principles Luna Skincare was formed.

Luna Skincare began with it's first product organic argan oil sourced direct from Morocco, where Sam spent time researching and seeking a fully traceable organic argan oil that supports the local community, producing jobs for the local Berber women and UNESCO preservation of the protected argania spinosa tree.

This followed by Kay joining as co-founder, whom is a reiki practitioner and Sam's mum.  Kay enjoys a life, long, love of essential oils, all of the Luna candles are hand poured by Kay's healing hands.  We carefully source our certified organic ingredients from around the world.  Each product is handmade in small batches, ensuring you receive the active botanical formulas in the purest, most potent form.

In 2016 a beauty salon followed the mother & daughter's skincare collaboration, Luna Organic Beauty Boutique opened it's doors as Cardiff's first organic beauty and holistic therapy haven.  At the home of Luna Skincare you will find a range of luxurious organic skincare and pure candles, many of the products contain argan oil as a key active ingredient, with no more than 12 ingredients utilised per product the LUNA belief being 'Less is More'

Both Sam and Kay are Reiki master practitioners, naturally Reiki is a huge part of their daily life, it has helped shape their spiritual path and wellness.  They wish to share this universal life-force energy with you by infusing all Luna Skincare products with Reiki energy, bringing balance to your skin and spirit.