Creating an Eco-Friendly Beauty Salon.

What makes Luna Organic Beauty Boutique a green, clean beauty salon?

Creating an eco-friendly environment is of great importance to us at Luna Organic Beauty Boutique, green, clean, cruelty free and ethical choices are at the core of our ethos.  We are not perfect, is anyone or anything?  We are however doing everything we can to create an ethical salon with sustainable choices and continually looking at way’s in which we can expand our current practices, that include:

Using energy efficient light bulbs, 100% recycled bleach free toilet paper manufactured in the UK, non-toxic eco cleaning products, cotton stemmed cotton buds, environmentally friendly couch roll manufactured in the UK and Clipper organic non-chemical coffee and bleach free teas that are the UK’s first Fairtrade tea brand.  We recycle everything we possibly can, recently introducing biodegradable bin liners.

Due to the polluting destruction of single use plastic on our planet there are no plastic bags, cups, bottles or straws at our salon instead we use Brita filtered water jugs and glasses, paper bags and tissue wrap sourced from suppliers that offer recycled paper stock options and FSC certification including our price lists, gift vouchers and business cards.

Keeping a low carbon foot print involves sourcing from local suppliers wherever possible, our organic cotton aprons were made in Britain, as well as our very own Luna Organic Skincare that is palm oil free and vegan certified.

Beside it being a huge passion of ours, we know many of our clients feel the same way and want to support a salon that really cares not only about them but of our Mother Earth, that is the one thing we all share and can all take steps to protect it, however big or small.

Much Luna Love x

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